Layer2 Vibe Check

Hi All,

This is a poll to get some understanding of where the RP community is at. I want it to inform some of my opinions as an IMC member, but it’s not meant to bind the IMC to anything specific atm. I’m trying not to include my opinions in here, so this list is just the top 20 from L2beat. You can vote for up to 4, but fewer is fine. The vote means something loose – some combination of “I think we should spend $ to support rETH here”, “I use this a lot”, etc.

Update: added Polygon PoS option as a separate comment below.

  • Arbitrum One
  • OP Mainnet (Optimism)
  • Manta Pacific
  • Base
  • Metis
  • zkSync Era
  • dYdX v3
  • Mantle
  • Linea
  • Immutable X
  • Starknet
  • Loopring
  • ZKFair
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • zkSync Lite
  • ApeX
  • Scroll
  • Degate V1
  • Arbitrum Nova
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It was pointed out I missed Polygon PoS. It’s not an L2, so wasn’t on the list, but serves similarly in terms of “should we incentivize on it”. If you vote for it, please count that towards your 4 total votes. Polls can’t be edited once they’ve been live for 5 minutes, so forgive the messiness.

  • Polygon PoS
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