Looking For Content Creators For The RP Scorecard!

The GMC recently funded a bounty for a Rocket Pool scorecard. You can view the current scorecard here.

Milestone A of the bounty has been completed which was developing a working website for the scorecard.

The GMC is now seeking interested parties in Milestone B, which is creating unique, high quality content for the scorecard.

A large part of this bounty is for Bounty Hunters to determine what information should be included on this scorecard. The goal is to accurately represent Rocket Pool while highlighting its unique strengths in relation to competitors. With that in mind, we provide the following guidelines.

  • Content should be split into separate items with the status ‘good’, ‘okay’ or ‘needs improvement’.
  • Items should accurately highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Rocket Pool protocol in its current state.
  • Items should cover common areas of interest and concern for users of the Rocket Pool protocol and its competitors.
  • Items should be written in accessible and easy-to-understand english.
  • Items should cover the level of risk to stakeholder groups within Rocket Pool. This includes:
    • The protocol DAO (pDAO)
    • The oracle DAO (oDAO)
    • The node operators (NOs)
    • rETH Holders
    • RPL Holders
  • The amount of compensation will be based on the quality and quantity of content provided.

The reward for this milestone is between $100 and $6,000. Following the content creation, the GMC will conduct a review of the quality of the content.

Here’s a spreadsheet to compile content.

If the content created requires slight adjustments to categories, that’s acceptable. However, we aim to avoid extensive layout modifications.

Please comment below with inquiries or any interest, or DM ShfRyn within the Rocket Pool Discord.

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