Looking For Quick Wins

So, we have some time to spend working on Rocket Pool.

Right now I’m interested in finding any low to medium effort work items you’re aware of that might lead to small quality of life improvements for the Rocket Pool community, DAOs, etc, but that aren’t really big or important enough to have been fixed up to this point.

Some examples might be:

  • Adding hyperlinks to various RPIPs, reducing friction for interested readers.
  • Desired changes to configuration on community platforms, discord, discourse, etc.
  • Small improvements / upkeep to documentation like updating out-of-date information, crosslinking, etc.

We’ve been compiling a list of these internally, which we’ll be working through over the next few weeks, but I’d love to also try to improve things that are actually annoying other people, rather than just annoying me.

Can’t make any promises on individual items, but this is a chance to maybe see some movement on any random things that have been bugging you.

We’re planning to work on some larger and more individually impactful items as well. But we’ll make a separate post about the possibilities there soon.

Thanks all.


A bunch of pages in the docs still refer to what’s already happened in the future tense. Someone needs to go through all pages and fix it.

Redstone: The Rocket Pool Redstone Update | Rocket Pool

Rocket Pool’s next major update, titled Redstone , has been released for beta testing on the Ropsten and Prater test networks.

Atlas The Atlas Update | Rocket Pool

The Ethereum protocol is preparing to undergo its next major upgrade: Shanghai on the Execution layer, and Capella on the Consensus layer

There’s now more validators than that Distributing Skimmed Rewards | Rocket Pool

At the time of writing the number of validators is around 500,000 which results in a skim occurring approximately every 2-3 days.

RPL inflation split has changed 📑 Glossary | Rocket Pool

It provides funding for the oDAO (15% of inflation)
It provides funding for the pDAO (15% of inflation)

Oracle DAO doesn’t get 15% anymore The Rocket Pool Oracle DAO | Rocket Pool

As a reward for fulfilling these duties, the Oracle DAO is collectively given 15% of the total RPL inflation produced at each rewards period, divided evenly among its members.

Contract list is out of date Smart Contracts | Rocket Pool The entire page is quite sad.

Documentation could also explain risks more (e.g. RPL/ETH falls, oDAO could collude, supply chain attacks)


This has an accurate contract list (one of the things peteris pointed at).

I’d love to see RPL in documentation get a whole rework. I like something like https://docs.rocketpool.net/overview/glossary.html#rpl-rocket-pool-token (not shocking, I wrote that blurb) and think we should strip out everything that makes it sound like it’s critical primary collateral necessary to security. Explaining the need and use of RPL (and its limited use in massive correlated slashings) occasionally has a newcomer (properly) throwing pieces of the documentation at us and us just like “yeah… We need to fix that…”


Tables are not rendered correctly RPIP-10: pDAO Budget Allocation

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So, lots of the tables are broken when they shouldn’t be. The parser the portal uses is very slightly not-standard in a way that means the tables render on github, but not on the portal in certain circumstances.

The bodge fix is really easy. Just make sure there’s a newline and the beginning and end of any table syntax in all the RPIPs. I’ll make those changes across the current RPIPs soon.

Proper fix is to update the version of Jekyll used to build the RPIPs portal. I might do that at some point, but I’m fairly sure it will break the automated build process, which I’d then also have to fix, so I’d rather leave it for the time being.

I’ve addressed a couple of the minor documentation points in PR’s on the docs repo. Looking through though, I agree with Val, it needs a fairly significant rework, which doesn’t really come under the umbrella of easy wins.

It’s also a little tricky for me to provide good fixes for documentation at this stage. I still lack too much context around how the protocol works.