Make 0xPatches.eth a rocket scientist in Discord

We have many great rocket scientists in our discord that the community loves for their knowledge, helpful advice, and support when we run into issues. I would argue that Patches has not only demonstrated robust knowledge of rocket pool and the smart node, but has been very willing to help any and all who come to our discord for support, and is already an unsung hero. Not only would the rocket scientist role be a way to recognize such outstanding contributions, but it would also help to inform new community members that Patches is a known and trusted community member and a source of good information when they post in support.


Strongly agree. Patches is a massive help in #support (among other places).


Agree - now i need 20 char


There is a fair amount of affirmative consensus on this proposal.

Totally agree, Patches is an outstanding contributor.

We will give him the Rocket Scientist role.


great news! very well deserved

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