MC Budget update proposal

Hi all – I plan to make a budget update proposal vote (after the voting body stuff is complete).

The pull request at 2023_09 budget update proposal by Valdorff · Pull Request #75 · rocket-pool/RPIPs · GitHub has been updated to include periods 14 and 15. I think I pre-calculated 15 ok, but have wording in there to allow reality to supersede my theoretical calculation if I missed something.

There are 3 things happening here:

  • One-time payment to make up for the split not matching intent for several periods
  • Correct the split to match intent moving forward for both IMC and GMC
  • Further increase the IMC’s split based on the low end of the poll here

This is an offshoot of Justification for moving oDAO inflation to the IMC - #24 by Valdorff, and I want to point to @epineph’s comment right after mine. The structure I’ve put in right now makes sense to me, but if the community has a preference for splitting into multiple votes, we can do that too.


Even thought this is on the lower end of the poll, I support this proposal structure.

This makes sense. Let’s do it.

  • Support moving to vote
  • Undecided
  • Oppose moving to vote
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As ever, if undecided or opposed, a comment would be greatly appreciated to help understand if there’s something that can be tweaked to address a concern.

Looks good. Let’s move forward.

I’m voting for this proposal. The impact to the GMC budget shouldn’t be too bad considering they have a reserve internally.