New Committee Membership Record RPIP

I’ve been working on a living informational [committee RPIP] over the last few weeks. It was merged a few days ago. This post is just an overview of what it is, and what use-cases it helps support.

The RPIP contains a number of tables with summary information and resource links relating to the various DAO committees, groups and roles that are currently defined by RPIPs.

Major Features

Group / Role Summary Table

Current Membership Tables

  • For each group / role
  • Containing duration of service, the role(s) an individual plays in the committee, signing addresses and providence (aka, why this person is on the committee / in the role.)

Past Membership Records

  • For each group / role
  • Containing membership sets and the dates they were valid.
  • Containing providence (aka, why the membership set changed.)

Use cases

Onboarding: This should make it easier for anyone looking to onboard and get involved in the Rocket Pool DAOs.

Reference: Easier to find committee-related resources, spreadsheets, etc. Easier to check current membership, historic membership, etc.

Records: Clear record of what happened when, and the reason for changes. Generally making everything more transparent.

Maintenance Plan

This is a Living Informational RPIP, and so will need to be maintained in order to serve its intended purpose. The plan here is covered in this [section]. But briefly:

  • RPIP Editors will maintain this in the long-term.
  • There is a parallel google sheet that can be used to reconstruct / modify the tables easily, and editors are encouraged to make copies.
  • As the author I’ll likely handle maintenance while I’m active at Rocket Pool just as general courtesy.


Comments or suggested improvements are welcome. If I’ve missed any relevant resources let me know, and I’ll get them added in.


Generally love it, which you know, but here for public-facingness.

An alternative would be to have “bring it up to date” have a small bounty associated with it (either per PR or per membership change in a PR). Took me a few tries to get a volunteer to step up as RPIP editor last time I tried, so would rather not add to the role unless it’s really needful.