New Discord moderators

This suggestion is pretty simple: can we add some new moderators to the Discord server?

It’s clear that lately things have been heated. There are plenty of comments about it, search for “toxicity” in Discord to see. To quote @darcius:

With our recent growth in the last year and the hot topic of LEB8s going on, we’ve noticed some members of the community no longer adhering to these rules which have held in place our welcoming and supportive community for so long.

We could wait for things to cool down now that LEB8 vote has concluded, but I would like to suggest that we take a more proactive approach by identifying community members who have a measured demeanor and are highly active, and empower them to front-run the salt as much as possible by giving them official moderator roles. Alternatively, they could be officially tagged as community stewards without being granted special privileges, if the team has concerns about that.

An official moderation role lends legitimacy to a community member who makes an effort to keep the peace and discourage toxic behavior. They would be able and perhaps more likely to intervene early and often.

New moderators could also help deal with spammers, bots, and users who need help getting into the Discord server (example). Kron is quite possibly human and therefore unable to maintain a 24/7 presence (but we can only speculate).


I believe I have a patient and respectful demeanor; I can generally determine when intent is being undermined by language and give fair adjustments to keep voices heard. My goal as a moderator will be to keep the maximum number of people involved and active. This means asking for restatements when language is too harsh and allowing some bumps and bruises in a non-padded environment. As adults I believe most often poor or offensive language is a result of one misrepresenting themselves. As I’ve demonstrated over time, I’m also not afraid to be firm and draw lines. I would love to have my name in a cool color (kek) and have a license to encourage respect. I have been looking for a way to contribute further to RP and I would love to have the honor of this position!

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I have been around for years and have tried to contribute to the community in anyway I could. If this is a request for applications, please allow me to throw my hat in. I have been active since 2020 and would love the opportunity to continue to contribute. Cordial discourse should be the norm, not the exception.

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