New oDAO Members Community Suggestions

Recently it was announced that a new round of oDAO members will be voted on soon and community suggestions were requested:

“With the second round of oDAO members coming in the near future, we’d also like to open up for suggestions from the community on possible members/organisations they might like to see. Like the first round, we would love to include prominent individuals or groups which contribute positively to the Ethereum ecosystem. We can’t guarantee everyone a place, but we will definitely consider any legitimate suggestions for the second round strongly.”

Figured it’d be useful to have a thread to consolidate any feedback so please comment with any new member suggestions or related oDAO feedback.

So far from the community, @Wander has submitted interest for himself with feedback in this thread: oDAO Membership Interest

For reference, the current oDAO is as follows:

  • Lighthouse
  • Nimbus
  • Etherscan
  • Consensys Codefi
  • Blockchain Capital
  • Bankless
  • Superphiz/Ethstakers
  • Fire Eyes
  • CryptoManufaktur
  • Rocket Pool

There are also other invited members that have not joined yet:

  • Pyrsm
  • Staked .us
  • Blockdaemon

Original oDAO announcement with some justification for the current members can be found here: Rocket Pool — Staking Protocol Part 4 | by David Rugendyke | Rocket Pool | Medium


I like the idea of adding a couple of strong Rocket Pool community members, like Wander (and another name I saw suggested on discord was Ken), as a further diversification of the type of oDAO participants. In addition, the current payments amounts are more meaningful for individuals and thus encourage stronger participation in improving the protocol. The risk is that there is less of a social deterrent for bad behavior.

Another suggestion I saw mentioned in the discord (from @Butta) is to include a member related to MEV/Block-building since that will be an important partnership come the merge.


I really wish we had an official stance on this, but lacking that I don’t want to bring on more members with the current mix of “no explicit expectation” and “vague hope” that they’ll help the project beyond oDAO duties. Most of the times I’ve seen an opinion, folks like oDAO members being compensated just for their role in the oDAO, but I suppose this could be a case of folks against the status quo being more vocal.

I think trustless decentralization provides better security than trying to pick people who are active discord members, so I’d rather open to NOs who have already shown success in their duties (ie, minipools running > 6 months with 99% uptime, nodes with a certain RPL stake, or something), a few at a time. But if we have to pick discord members, valdorff and daserdog seem reasonable choices- I just hate to have our protocol governed by a popularity contest.
I wonder if it would be possible to make committees (like a static 10 nodes) who act as a single oDAO vote, kind of a simplified SSV technology.