New Rocket Scientists?

There was, briefly, a proposal that would grant Rocket Scientists control of the pDAO purse strings, but I think that moment has passed and we can afford to be a bit less precious about granting the role.

Off the top off my head a handful of people who I would nominate are-

  • [object Object] - tirelessly helping new users and NOs
  • peteris - rocketscan
  • knoshua - continually providing valuable feedback on the decentralization and defi side of things

It would be nice to have some sort of rubric we can use to evaluate these decisions, as well, as the role is somewhat poorly defined right now.


100% supportive of each of these; invaluable members with a deep understanding of the protocol.

An exact rubric is probably tough, but I always viewed the role as outstanding, active members with good technical knowledge of the protocol and are helpful in what ways they can be.

At the same time, I feel like someone like Jasper should be included too given how often he goes above and beyond on the integration and community-side of things.

I guess it should be nailed down if the community and team want it to be a “community support” role or an “outstanding community contributor/expert in some protocol area” role.


Good thought! Those 3 suggestions are highly deserving.

Re @DaserDog’s idea of expanding to include Jasper-like, I think I’d prefer a separate tag for folks helping non-technically (Marceau also comes to mind in this category). “Crew”, “Cadet”, “Space Traveler” – I’m sure we can come up with something spacey that’s not techie if we agree with the premise.


I agree with the initial list as well as the addition of Jasper, Xer0 is a rocket scientist who also fits more into a Jasper-like role imo so there is precedent for people that aren’t linux gurus.

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I was a bit annoyed with not having faucet access today, so I pinged Nick about this post and he put it on the team’s agenda. :innocent:

I also support the other people mentioned here, some of them deserve it more than me.

Congratulations to [object Object] and peteris for the Rocket Scientist role! Both deserve it.

I also want to leave my support for knoshua. IMO, knoshua has been fundamental to the development of the protocol, and a constant source of insight. At times tough, but fair.

I sincerely hope knoshua receives the Rocket Science role.


i congratulate to the new rocket scientists, you deserve it.
BTW i expected also Knoshua to have the role.

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