No liquidity in pool?

I try to live life versus hanging around telegram all day trying to keep up with all my token news

I noticed the pool no longer has any liquidity left

  1. How do I claim my staking rewards Ive staked since day 1


You can swap rETH for ETH on a decentralised exchange such as Balancer or Uniswap.
Note, you should double check the ratio of rETH to ETH as it can vary between third party exchanges and compared to the official protocol rate on the Rocket pool site.

At the time of writing it is trading at a slight premium so you get slightly more ETH back from trading on an exchange than by unstaking directly.

It is best practice to confirm the authenticity of links from multiple sources.


Price aggregators such as 1inch can be also be used to find the best rate between exchanges:

What happened to the liquidity

As staked ETH is locked on the beaconchain until withdrawals are enabled (likely in the first hard-fork post merge), liquidity for unstaking rETH currently comes from new deposits into the pool waiting to be matched with a node operator.

There is currently a queue of these node operators waiting for matching ETH to launch Rocketpool validators and they get preference over people looking to unstake, so any newly deposited ETH is reserved for this purpose until they are all matched.

You can see the history and current stats of the deposit pool here:

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