Odao Membership Interest - Astoneta

Hello Everyone,

I’m also going to borrow the format used by Wander.

I am going to be direct and completely honest, I really don’t know if I am qualified to be an ODAO, what I do know is that I am passionate about rocketpool and I would like Latam to have a local representative. I am committed to the protocol and willing to learn whatever it takes to be worthy of such responsibility and I really like the idea of ​​getting even more involved and helping Rocketpool, the devs and its community.

What is your history of involvement with Rocket Pool?

I participated in the ICO at the last minute, Worthalter had commented on how interesting Rocketpool was and I bought the concept from time 0, I didn’t had enough ether to be able to participate and at the last minute I managed to raise a decent amount and I’m sure Dave doesn’t remember anymore but I wrote to him in discord and he gave me instructions to be able to participate. I think it was the last day of the ICO.

I never thought that I would become a node operator but by being present and reading the updates I really wanted to try it, I gathered enough courage thanks to the encouragement of JCRTP and his support (that I deeply appreciate) he was kind enough to explain me step by step every time I had an issue with the guide and luckily I was able to run a node in a beta with a raspberry pi,I even got some rewards in rpl that where enough to pay for the PI thanks to the performance of it during the beta (lol), I remember the whole process…. It’s hard to convey how crazy this whole thing was for me.

I helped create the rocketpool ping service to help the community stay informed in an agile way and I’m glad to see its adoption.

Currently I have my own node that I operate from phase 2 of the beginning of RPL, I managed to have the Day 1 Node Operator and Day 1 Reth Holder and I am very proud of them, additionally I am in charge of 3 other nodes in different locations of friends who decided to invest after hearing me talk so much on this topic, for reasons of order and traceability, I decided that each one should have their own node despite the fact that I am the one who operates them. In addition to enjoying the process, it is an excuse to visit my friends every time I have to update.

I leave you with my POAP collection, which I consider to be a good way to show part of my commitment to this community and to answer the question that gives rise to this short text.

What do you see as the oDAO’s role in the protocol?

It may sound exaggerated but I feel that supporting the development of Ethereum within my possibilities is the grain of sand that I can contribute so that the world that I leave my daughters is better.

I really believe that Rocketpool is a pillar for Ethereum to develop its full potential, I will not deny that I am financially interested in what the nodes today do for me generating profits in ether and rpl, but that does not diminish what I believe that Ethereum and Rocketpool can do to improve finances and many other aspects of human life on earth.

The role of ODAO I believe is to ensure the success of the protocol, to guarantee the objective of democratizing, decentralizing and simplifying the access to the tools offered by Rocketpool, regardless of whether it is for node operators or reth holders.

What are your priorities for Rocket Pool?

It may sound redundant but some of my priorities for the protocol are to ensure its long-term survival and success.

Keep it decentralized and permission less

Make it simple and massive so that the largest number of people can benefit from the tools it offers.

Keep it aligned with Ethereum values

And transversally to all of the above, ensure that it is always safe for those who decide to use the platform.

How do you secure your node and keys?

Currently I maintain 4 nodes in 4 different locations (one of my own), the 4 locations are inside places with private security and they all have a dedicated internet connection without wifi, UPS and for each location there is a specific and exclusive client for each node with its ssh keypair configured, 2fa configured, firewall and brute force and ddos ​​protection enabled thanks to the fantastic guides Joe compiled for all of us.

Can you disclose your identity publicly for the purpose of accountability?

Sure, my name is Martin Brion, I have 2 daughters, I live together with them and their mother whom I love in Argentina. I leave below my linkedin with more details of my professional career.