oDAO Membership Interest - mentor.eth on behalf of the Rocketeers

Hello all,

I’d like to express interest in running an oDAO node on behalf of the Rocketeers.

If onboarded to the oDAO I pledge to:

  1. Run the node in a Dutch datacenter
  2. Run minority clients for both the consensus and execution client
  3. Offset the CO2 impact of the entire Rocketpool network based on carbon.fyi calculations and using the Toucan BCT token

I’m open to setting the withdrawal address to a multisig of Rocketeers and spending it on public goods. But I have not thought that through.

What is your history of involvement with Rocket Pool?

  • First token buy: 2018
  • First beta participation: 2020
  • First minipool: launch week

I contributed by:

What do you see as the oDAO’s role in the protocol?

It’s called the Oracle DAO. It should stick as closely as possible to “doing Oracle duties and keeping other oDAO members honest”. Other things should be delegated to the pDAO.

What are your priorities for Rocket Pool?

I don’t have enough influence to have priorities, I do have priorities the team have that I admire:

  • Make ETH staking as technically simle as possible
  • Making rETH the defacto liquid staking derivitive

How do you secure your node and keys?

I secure it based on the securing guide. The keys are backed up in a safe. The withdrawal key is held on a ledger in a secure location.

Can you disclose your identity publicly for the purpose of accountability?

I am completely doxed.

Here’s by professional story.

Here is my personal story.


Easy choice from me, Mentor would make a great oDAO member, and he has been a fantastic influence on RPL since the very start.

I am supporting your application, too.

seems an obvious yes from me I would think from others.
thank you for the community videos on securing nodes. I have watched those a few times…

I 100% support mentor’s application to the oDAO. I’ve personally benefited from mentor’s dedication to the community and am also confident in his ability to run with a high level of operational security. My node is more secure thanks to mentor. I am also a Rocketeer.