oDAO Membership Interest - Ryemus

Hello everyone, I’d like to submit my interest in joining the oDAO to the community and the existing members.

I’m using Wander’s template since it was recommended as an excellent starting point but I’m happy to elaborate on any sections or add any other details by request.

What is your history of involvement with Rocket Pool?

I’ve been a node operator since launch and have also been maintaining the open source github repo rocketpool-deploy since launch. The github repo provides full end-to-end automation for rocketpool node deployment across cloud providers and/or local server hosting. I regularly contribute to #support and #smart-nodes discord channels to help those experiencing trouble with their nodes as well.

On the professional side I am the founder of CloudStruct which was a DevOps as A Service company until 2022 where we transitioned into an open source cryptocurrency ecosystem development group. I’m also a professional in the developer and systems engineering world of about 15 years serving as lead architect for several companies at enterprise scale levels.

What do you see as the oDAO’s role in the protocol?

I see the oDAO’s role in the protocol as one of listening to the community, careful consideration, and guidance as appropriate. The oDAO should strive to be as obsolete as possible but will certainly need to exist as compensation for required human interaction. Outside of the obvious role of oDAO members as described by Rocketpool I also see their role as being custodians for the community. Sensible members outside of the official Rocketpool staff and insiders who can help provide balance and remain as unbiased as possible.

What are your priorities for Rocket Pool?
Some of these are existing priorities for the development team so by listing them here I am in agreement with them.

  • Making the ecosystem more accessible (Hence the rocketpool-deploy open source repo)
  • Setting verifiable/auditable security standards for node-operators and DAO nodes
  • Supporting research and development to increase protocol efficiency
  • Finding better opportunities to spread the word about rocketpool
  • Getting RPL listed on major exchanges.

How do you secure your node and keys?

My node deployment methodology is open source and can be viewed at any time by visiting the rocketpool-deploy repo. My node is locked down by multiple firewall levels and access is only opened on strict as-needed basis to my specific IP address and then promptly removed after. The node data is fully encrypted for both data-at-rest and data-in-transit. My nodes are hosted across various cloud providers and would continue to be should I be admitted into the oDAO. Keys are kept on encrypted devices which require a hardware key to decrypt.

Can you disclose your identity publicly for the purpose of accountability?

Yes! My name is Jason Witkowski.