Only one of four minipools is attesting

Recently I converted a full 32 ETH node to four 8-ETH Rocketpool minipools. Originally, I had converted it to a single 8-ETH minipool, then a couple weeks after, created three more. The first one is working fine. The other three are missing all the attestations and I’m hemorrhaging ETH as a result. Why is this happening? The node is in native mode because it was originally set up as a full, non-rocketpool 32 ETH node so I continued using the same Prysm clients.

Here’s the node on rocketscan:

I was hoping to get help more urgently, so I signed up for the discord and then I was kicked by the bot immediately because of “suspicious account.” Not very helpful.

I would be very grateful for any help.


sorry to hear about your issues. I just talked to our discord mod and you should be able to join now. Please try again.