Open call for RocketSplit testers (Holesky)

Hello everyone! We have an open invite for RocketSplit testers here: (will forward you here: We will be producing some videos of our own testing and demonstrations of the features along with you here:

RocketSplit was submitted as a grant proposal for the July GMC Call for Grant Applications (July 2023 GMC Call for Grant Applications - Deadline is July 15th - #4 by LIBlockchain and July 2023 GMC Community Discussion of Submitted Applications)

Rocket Split will create a custom-designed smart contract to operate as the Withdrawal Address of a validator that will split the incoming rewards of that validator out to two parties. The Node Operator and a Funding Partner.

There are 3 types of tester: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Holesky rewards cycles process daily so testing cycles can go quickly.


You do not have an RP validator running on Holesky and will be unable to do complete E2E testing. However we can set the Withdrawal Address of a holesky node LI Blockchain is hosting to a Light Testers wallet. This will enable you to use the claim and withdraw functions. If you are interested in becoming a Light tester, reply in this thread or contact us on discord here: Discord


You are currently running an RP validator on holesky and can do complete E2E testing. Set up a new marriage, design the agreement parameters, use the claim and withdraw functions, and exit the validator for final settlement.


You are familiar with creating a local forked environment using tools like Foundry. Not only can you do complete E2E testing but can also do Unit Testing to ensure mathematical calls of the software are correct.

@ShfRyn has graciously offered to create a POAP for all volunteer testers.

We will collect feedback on the Discord channel in the thread Discord or you can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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