Open Dollar’s first community distribution - all rETH bridgers to Arbitrum eligible

Hello Rocketpool community! Open Dollar has announced the first airdrop of our governance token, ODG, to begin DAO operations and elect delegates ahead of the mainnet launch scheduled for next month. As our new, Arbitrum-native CDP stablecoin protocol will support rETH as a collateral type from launch, we’ve included all Rocketpool users who have bridged rETH to the Arbitrum network before January 1st in this airdrop.

You can check your eligibility and claim your tokens on our governance dashboard, powered by Tally, here: Open Dollar. Eligible users will have 90 days to claim their tokens, beginning today, January 17th, until April 17th, after which all unclaimed tokens will go to the DAO treasury.

This announcement also marks the open call for delegates for the Open Dollar DAO. Holders of ODG may choose to create proposals or vote independently, or assign their voting power to their delegates of choice on the governance page.

If you know an ideal candidate who embodies the qualities needed to represent you and your interests on the Open Dollar platform, now is the time to extend an invitation to them.

You can learn more about Open Dollar on our website and docs. Or let me know if you have questions here.

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