Option to auto stake for rETH excess of 16 ETH

This proposal is for when partial withdrawals are enabled.

In case that happens, an option would be interesting where each minipool can be subscribed so that every time a certain amount is accumulated or a certain amount of time passes, the ethereum in excess of 16 is sent to the deposit pool in exchange for RETH.

In this way the node operator knows that his capital will be
receiving efficient treatment.

The intention of this proposal is to save GAS Fees by making a single transaction at the protocol level and not an individual one for each minipool and it would be a way to achieve “auto compound” that would make the experience of the node operator more attractive.

I know that it is a proposal that could be evaluated in the future because we still do not know how the merge will be developed, but it seems to me that it is a concept that we should explore when the pieces begin to fit.