Partial unstaking of RPL


Enable node operators to un-stake RPL tokens if they hold more than the minimum requirement (10%).


Node operator runs a node with one LEB8 pool and has 5 ETH worth of RPL tokens staked on the node

Node operator has the option to withdraw 5 - 2.4 = 3.6 ETH worth of RPL tokens


it would enable node operators to be more capital efficient and rebalance RPL holdings based on the price. Also if a Node Operator borrows RPL temporary from i.e. Aave, it would give them the option to repay the loan without un-staking once the balance recovers above the 10% threshold.
If the price of RPL drops, the NO can borrow from Aave to refill back up to 10%, if the price recovers the additional RPL can be unstaked and used to repay the loan. That way the node operator can keep the RPL staking rewards and prevent over-collateralization.

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I’m supportive of this, provided the 28 day cooldowns remain in effect, which I’m sure is implied.

I suspect there are non-0 people who wanted to reduce their RPL exposure and the only way to do so was to exit their minipools. It is better for RP if we give these people a way to lower their RPL stake without reducing the number of staking minipools.

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I think it’s a little tough to both give full rewards and allow withdrawals for a range. I have a proposal I’ll be posting to the forum soon (I want to have a draft RPIP first, but the not-RPIP version is here: