pDAO 2022/12/22-2022/01/19 Treasury Report

Hello, Rocket Pool!

If you need an intro to how our pDAO works, [check this post].

This period saw the last reserve disbursement to IMC, its pDAO credit is now 0. They have received 19,683.28 RPL this period (5,334.59 RPL from inflation and 14,348.69 RPL from reserves).

GMC has received 3,200.75 RPL this period and still has 35,360.24 RPL in pDAO credits from previous periods.

The pDAO reserve fund has received 2,133.84 RPL this period. Our pDAO reserve fund now has 28,087.36 RPL.


You can keep up with pDAO treasury with the following spreadsheets:
(RP Treasury Report - Google Sheets)
(pDAO Treasury Summary - Google Sheets)

Thank you for reading, see you next period!


Nice job @vacalaranja !

Reserve Treasury = Inflation x pDao ( 15%) x Reserve Treasury (20%)
=1,042,008.96 RPL x 0.15 x 0.20
Reserve Treasury= 31,260.2688

difference = 28,087.36-31,260.26=3,172.91 RPL
where is the difference ??

Good question! I took a deeper dive on this discrepancy [last post] , but it’s due to three factors:

  1. We used 17,731.62 RPL from pDAO to pay for the Bankless campaign;
  2. Before redstone upgrade, pDAO also used to get 15% of the unclaimed amount after each period. This gave pDAO about 1,077.92 extra RPL;
  3. There is ~1.43 RPL less inflation directed to pDAO than expected each period for which I could not yet find an explanation, but it has to do with how it is calculated in the contracts.
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I just read your last post and sheets , nice… but I can’t find the Reserve Treasure address account or isn’t there a separated account for each vault?

Yes, there is no address for the reserve, it is just a balance in the RP vault. GMC and IMC have multisig wallets, but most of GMC’s RPL is also sitting in the RP vault.

Langers let us know he’ll be transferring that over to the GMC vault in two separate transactions in the coming month.