pDAO 2023/02/15-2024/03/14 Treasury Report

Hello, Rocket Pool!

If you need an intro to how pDAO treasury works, check (this post).

This period saw the payment of 9,065.86 RPL and 3,689.28 RPL for the IMC and GMC, respectively. This period the pDAO reserve received 5,348.86 RPL from inflation, its balance is now 91,125.68 RPL.

We missed the last rewards allocation update from 24.1% to 25.2% for the pDAO, which was due to happen before 2024-01-18. To solve this I proposed we skip the 26.3% and just go straight to 27.4% on the update due 2024-03-14 and stay at that % for the next 4 periods, netting a 17.19 RPL donation from the oDAO to the pDAO. This was agreed by the oDAO and the 27.4% allocation is already live.

This mishap also affected the last disbursement to the IMC and GMC, which were sent 412.25 and 169.02 RPL in excess, respectively. This will be abated from their disbursement next period.

You can keep up with pDAO treasury with the following spreadsheets:
(RP Treasury Report - Google Sheets )
(pDAO Treasury Summary - Google Sheets ).

Thank you for reading, see you next period!