pDAO 2023/03/14-2024/04/11 Treasury Report

Hello, Rocket Pool!

If you need an intro to how pDAO treasury works, check (this post).

This period saw the payment of 9,933.64 RPL and 4,072.80 RPL for the IMC and GMC, respectively. This period the pDAO reserve received 6,104.08 RPL from inflation, its balance is now 47,809.20 RPL.

This period the pDAO allocation was updated from 24.1% to 27.4%, which provides us with an extra 2.5k RPL each period. The IMC and GMC received a bit less than 50% and 20.5% of the pDAO inflation this period (412.25 and 169.02 RPL less, respectively) to compensate having received more than they were due two periods ago.

Last period saw the largest pDAO reserve expense yet: RPIP-37 was approved by the pDAO and 49420.55 RPL were sent to the dev team in order to fund development from 2023-10-26 until 2024-10-24. This represented 54% of the pDAO reserves that went from ~91k to ~41k RPL.

You can keep up with pDAO treasury with the following spreadsheets:
(RP Treasury Report - Google Sheets )
(pDAO Treasury Summary - Google Sheets ).

Thank you for reading, see you next period!