pDAO 2023/05/11-2023/06/08 Treasury Report

Hello, Rocket Pool!

If you need an intro to how pDAO treasury works, check (this post).

IMC and GMC received 5,435.36 RPL and 3,261.22 RPL from inflation, respectively.
The pDAO reserve fund received 2,174.14 RPL this period. Our pDAO reserve fund balance is now 38,877.16 RPL.

You can keep up with pDAO treasury with the following spreadsheets:
(RP Treasury Report - Google Sheets )
(pDAO Treasury Summary - Google Sheets )

Thank you for reading, see you next period!

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I apologize if this has been addressed already, but I’ve missed it or forgotten…

Is there a plan for the reserve RPL?
At minimum, maybe earning fees in an LP or something like that?

There is no plan. Note that LPing is high risk of IL since we don’t have a well-correlated asset (though ofc all eggs in one basket is also a risk).

Yeah, I suppose at the moment it is not an easy token to just stash for profits somewhere

edit: Though your other point is important. Not putting all our eggs in one basket. Perhaps pDAO should sell off some RPL for ETH or even stable coin. I think ETH is going on a run soon, so I’d favor that, but I also can’t see the future (as far as you all know).


There is no plan yet. In fact, RPIP-10 forbids direct spending of funds by the pDAO. There has been some discussion about this in regards to the reserve budget increase proposed by the oDAO charter draft: Discord

If the charter pass as is it would increase pDAO reserve budget from 3% to 15.5% of inflation.

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Perhaps the GMC could fund a feasibility study around diversifying the reserve fund?

Moving (some of) GMC and reserve funds to protocol owned liquidity and funding projects with yield could be a good plan for long term sustainability and synergizes well with IMC goals.