pDAO Treasurer Nomination Thread

@jasperthegovghost has been serving as interim pDAO treasurer. We didn’t do a vote here, just informally said stuff in discord. This was needed at the time to get things rolling quickly, but I think we now have a little breathing room to properly select who we wish.

We’ll be following the “Management Committee Selection” method described in RPIP-10 (RPIPs/RPIP-10.md at main · rocket-pool/RPIPs · GitHub), so this thread will be live at least 5 days.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves
  • Anyone can remove themselves from consideration simply by saying so
  • After 5 days, there will be a “this thread is closed” comment, and the final list will then be generated

If you are nominated and don’t remove yourself from consideration, please read the “Nominee information sharing” section of RPIP-10 so you can be ready to provide your statements. Since this is running in parallel with a GMC nomination thread, please also state how you’re handling that (eg, removed self from consideration on 1, would happily take both, would remove self from consideration on X if selected for both).

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I don’t know if he’s interested in continuing in the role, but I’d like to nominate @jasperthegovghost and find out!


It might not be a bad idea. Use the same person as a test case for the first official treasurer. And then jasper can write up all the docs for those that follow.

I’d like to nominate @vacalaranja as someone with both the community standing to be trusted and the technical savvy to make it an easy job for them.


I’m new to RocketPool and spinning up my first node but I’ll like to contribute. I nominate myself @ZMAN4eva.

I will be removing my name from consideration. I am honored that the community thinks I am deserving to continue, however, I believe the role is best filled by someone with a skill set more in line with the role as well as someone with the time for it.

I strongly endorse the nomination of @vacalaranja.

Are you on the RP discord ZMAN? We plan to include info on community involvement for voters.

Yep, just joined the RP discord a couple of weeks ago. Been lurking this whole time so not a lot to add there.

=== Closing nominations here ===
The list: @vacalaranja @ZMAN4eva

Nominees: please provide the info requested in RPIP-10 in this thread. I’ll combine it all in a single table later, so please structure as “Alignment statement, conflict statement, identity statement, contribution statement, additional information (optional)”

Alignment statement

  • I’m a node operator since launch, currently running 3 minipools;
  • ETH, rETH and RPL represent most of my net worth;
  • I share RP values of decentralization and censorship resistance.

Conflict statement

I do not own other LSD or LSD governance tokens. I have no affiliation or investment that would motivate me to act against the MC charter or the protocol.

Identity statement

I’m vacalaranja#8816 on Discord. I’m Brazilian and in my 30s. I’m willing to become fully doxxed if necessary.

Contribution statement

I’m an active community member since 2020. I’ve participated in many betas and I strive to be helpful where I can. I’ve developed the uniswap discord bot and have been maintaining it since 07/2021.


Alignment statement

Philosophical - My philosophical belief is that continued decentralization and permissionlessness are key elements of Ethereum’s success. I believe RocketPool and its community shares the same focus and will be an integral part to ward off centralization factors such as Lido and centralized exchanges. I’m very excited for the approach that RocketPool is taking (listed below) and would like to contribute to Rocketpool, which will by extension support Ethereum.

  • Solo staking is the gold standard but is becoming out of reach for the regular user. RocketPool makes staking more accessible by currently requiring 16 ETH (+ RPL) and even lower with the upcoming LEB8.
  • RocketPool is an alternative LSD to centralizing actors such as CEX and Lido (especially with Lido’s current statements on hobbyist vs professional node operators)
  • RocketPool is fully permissionless to spin up a node

I consider myself to a good Ethereum citizen and steward. Support listed below:

  • Contributed to Gitcoin grant 14 and 15: Zkscan.io
  • Donated to Pooltogether’s lawsuit: Etherscan.io - Pooly NFT
  • I run my own non-validator node for the good of the network on a M6 mini-pc running geth/lighthouse. I live the permissionless ethos by not relying on Infura’s RPC when transacting with the mainnet.

Financial - I have a strong financial interest in the success of Ethereum. My holdings includes ETH, rETH, RPL, LINK, LRC, and stablecoins (DAI/USDC). I try to avoid USDC if possible due to the blacklist function. I am currently spinning up a RocketPool validator node with Nethermind/lighthouse and have been adding RPL to my bi-weekly DCA purchases. I believe RPL is one of the rare tokens that have actual use-case.

Conflict statement

I do not have any conflicts. I am not involved with any other LSD protocols and do not own any other LSD tokens.

Identity statement

My name is Zhi Man Huang. I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensed in New York State since 2009. I have over 16 years of experience in the public and private accounting space working at national accounting firms. I am currently in a management position at one of the largest accounting firms in the US (EisnerAmper). My current specialty is in real estate private equity under US GAAP reporting (investment companies reporting). Links to support below.

Contribution statement

I am a new member to the community so I would like to contribute in any way that I can. I believe my current skillset makes me an ideal candidate for pDAO Treasurer. My near future contributions will be to run 2-3 minipools (soak up some of the ETH in the deposit pool) and periodic purchases of rETH and RPL. I’m throwing my money where my mouth is.

Additional Information

I do see issues with the current set-up of Flashbot’s MEV relayer as a censoring factor. While concerning, there are no blocks that have been censored at the protocol layer (all Tornado Cash transactions are still being processed even if there’s a small delay). As a RocketPool community member, I will be running MEV on my node for the benefit of RocketPool in its competition with Lido and CEXs. I have faith that the Ethereum core dev team will make the necessary protocol improvements (ie proposer builder separation) to combat any censorship.

The Daily Gwei and RocketFuel are my daily viewings. Love both shows!


Thank you both for having your posts up early - no reminder pings needed :slight_smile:

pDAO treasurer nominees: Please do not modify your statements any more.


  • Please use the statements above to help guide your voting
  • If you have questions for the nominees, please ask in GMC Membership & pDAO Treasurer Selection
  • Note that modified posts show that they were modified (pencil icon at the top right) and you can click in to see what was modified and when