Personal Tokens with RocketPool Vault Strategies

Sup all! Im Jay from meTokens, a personal token protocol for issuing personal tokens. I made a tweet about using RocketPool to back a personal token and got some super dope engagement.

Wanted to jam more about it with you all and see if there was any interest in further community engagement.

meTokens are a type of personal token for speculating on someone’s future value. Any builder or creative can issue a meToken that can be spent for utility or be bought or sold as shares. The value of a meToken is set by a custom AMM that considers the amount of meTokens bought, sold and spent using bonding curves.

  • meTokens could be used to represent RocketPool core contributors.
    Rocket Pool can support their core contributors by encouraging others to take a stake in the contributor, IN ADDITION TO staking ETH with Rocket Pool.

  • Different RocketPool enthusiasts can find new ways to use their RPL, rETH, etc. by contributing/staking other RocketPool enthusiasts/core contributors.

Happy to jam more about this with all members!

More Info re: meTokens

We will be on mainnet shortly after DevCon and I am happy to give any community members from RocketPool a chance for early access to mint their meToken! Hit me up!