Potential interview opportunity

Potential interview opportunity.

Youtube channel: Bits Be Trippin’

Subscribers: 85.3k

His audience heavily favors proof of work with many being Ethereum miners. Bits be trippin himself is more open minded to proof of stake. A large portion of the audience is likely debating on whether to completely cash out of eth earned from mining or to participate in pos.

In this video (link), around the 14 minute mark he mentions Rocketpool but he didn’t quite understand it at the time the video was made. Around the 17 minute mark he mentioned he was open with someone from Rocketpool explaining how it worked.

Media Inquiry from his website.
If looking for an interview or collaboration - Inquire with “Media” in subject to bitsbetrippin@gmail.com


+1. It would be great to have some outreach to existing PoW miners, since many are likely to be future validators / node operators.

I will reach out, thank you for the heads up! :heart:


I’ve been a big fan of Carter since video number #1. He taught me everything I knew about home mining. It would be great to reach out to him and explain the benefits of RocketPool. He was a speaker representative on EF core call that discussed the EIP-1559. If we could get him on board and do a series of videos on staking with RP he can bring a lot of the former miners with him.


I have reached out.

I also took a look through some of the videos - I agree is a good opportunity.

Awesome. If you need anyone to meet with the BBT team to do an in person walkthrough I’d offer to fly out to St. Louis area. It would be way cool to meet him and see his farm. Also Crypto World is there and I’ve heard that place is worth stopping by.