Prelaunch takes too long

I have created an 8ETH minipool. shows status is “prelaunch”. 1ETH has been pre-staked, followed by deposit of assigned 31ETH. However, on there is only the record of 1ETH, >3 days ago, and there is no sign of the 31ETH. Initially I didn’t have enough RPL staked. but now I have more than enough RPL (around 240 RPL). but the minipool has not progressed.

On etherscan for your node, do you have a “stake” transaction (not ‘stake RPL’) for every “deposit”?
If you are through the queue, and your last transaction for that minipool is deposit, then you are either:

  1. using avado/dappnode/allnodes and your platform isn’t automatically calling ‘stake’. You have to do it manually.
  2. your max gas for automatic transaction is set too low and so your smartnode isn’t calling stake.
  3. your node doesn’t have enough gas to automatically call “stake”.

I can see your node has enough for gas, so your problem is either 1 or 2

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@epineph is likely right

If you’re still stuck, I’d suggest the RP discord - it’s very active, including the #support channel