Proposal: Docit - Discord and Telegram doc bot

docIT: Enhancing Rocket Pool User Education via Discord

Why is this important for RP?
This solution will enhance Developer Relations, Customer Support, and Community Support experiences within a Rocket Pool’s ecosystem, starting point being Discord and Telegram.

Full Description

We have built, docIT a private Discord and Telegram bot (allowing users to “talk to your docs”) that supports multiple document sites, with evolving LLMs. This bot will interconnect Rocket Pool’s key Github repositories, documentation, related articles, and forum posts, providing users with a platform to ask questions and read responses in a natural language with support links. Our goal is to incorporate docIT with blockchains that use Discord and Telegram to help lower education hurdles. Importantly, we’ve built DocIT to prevent hallucinations and respond with sources to give transparent and discoverable answers.

Project Plan (4 week delivery)

Pre-Implementation: Collaborate with the DevRel, Customer Support, and Community Support teams to comprehend their needs, identify pain points, and decide where the bot can be most beneficial. These insights will direct the selection of data sources for implementation.

Milestone 1 - Implementation of Data Sources [2 weeks]: Post the discovery phase, we will incorporate 3-4 high-value data sources into the bot. We will crawl data and create OpenAI emeddings in our db to index and setup search on queries. This milestone will involve refining file loading, index creation, and data source integration.

End state: Have 3-4 data sources that can be queried.

Expected bugs: hallucinations, mismatches on query/documents.

Milestone 2 - Testing and Optimization + Deploy to Production [2 weeks]: This critical phase will concentrate on eliminating hallucinations and refining prompt engineering to ensure only pertinent answers are given, with source material and links for users to follow up on. The aim is to make the bot production-ready.

End state: A production-ready bot approved by the Customer / Community Support teams, ready for deployment on the Rocket Pool’s Discord and Telegram.

Technology Stack:


Digital Ocean (hosting)


Node.js Backend to communicate with bots and handle all logic

Estimated cost (denominated in RPL)
335 RPL. This will fund development and hosting, minimum 12 months. App updates are included in this price.

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Hi atlmapper,

The application period for the Grants and Management Committee will commence tomorrow, on September 1st. During this period, interested parties can submit their applications using the specified post. We kindly request that you resubmit your application within that dedicated post.

Community members are encouraged to use this post to inquire about Docit.

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