Proposal: Enhance Transparency with RP DAO Profiles with ThePASS

Hello everyone, we are ThePASS team, a leading DAO aggregation platform and search engine. A few weeks ago, we had excellent discussions with Maverick and G-rant, members of the Rocket Pool team. They provided us with valuable guidance on how to engage with DAOs, make recommendations, and collaborate with DAOs. We sincerely appreciate the assistance and help!

For ThePASS, currently, we are aggregating a diverse range of robust DAOs onto our platform, totaling over 8,000 DAOs, with 22 billion in treasuries, and 40,000+ proposals and trusted by well known DAOs including MakerDAO,, kyberDAO, ApecoinDAO, MeebitsDAO, BanklessDAO, MoonDAO, CityDAO, and more. Our goal is to contribute to the public goods space by lowering entry barriers and facilitating large-scale adoption.

We believe that we can assist DAOs in the following ways:

  • Transparent Display: Showcase the DAO’s status openly and transparently.
  • Easy Access: Provide easy access to information about all DAOs on the platform, including social signals, treasury, governance, members, etc.
  • Reduce Barriers: Lower the entry barrier for newcomers, ensuring they don’t feel lost in the onboarding process.
  • Analysis: Aid in analyzing the DAO’s health, facilitating reflection and improvement.
  • Increased Exposure: Boost exposure for the DAO community with 3rd party discovery platforms.

Therefore, we’d like to extend an invitation to RP DAO to join us and create their own DAO profiles and dashboards (free of charge). Below, we’ve outlined some features of this DAO page, using Apecoin DAO as an example:

Dashboards for Transparency and Exploration

Treasury: This section provides valuable insights into the treasury, including aggregated treasury addresses, total balance, historical balance chart, native token ratio, and rankings of assets based on value and quantity. It also covers inflow and outflow activities.

Governance: Here, you’ll find an overview of proposals and governance tokens. We offer an analysis of proposal frequency, voter participation, and voting trends through interactive charts and graphs.

Members: This section offers individual DAO identity pages for members, including NFT and FT asset information, DAO participation data, and detailed voting records. Additionally, it provides NFT credentials for identifying and filtering qualified contributors.

Leveraging this DAO dashboard, the community can gain a comprehensive understanding of RP DAO, especially newcomers, by exploring its treasury status, governance activities, and member involvement.

We Need Your Help:

The onboarding process will only take approximately 5 minutes. We hope to receive assistance from DAO members in filling out RP DAO’s basic information, social details, treasury addresses, governance information, etc.

You can either choose to head to our homepage : and then click the “list dao” bottom


Free of charge

Thank you for considering our proposal and suggestions!