Proposal for RP to become a sponsor to the Protocol Guild

This is a proposal to provide a sponsorship Grant to the Protocol Guild. Rocket Pool currently has 3 Oracle DAO (oDAO) members that are composed of consensus client teams (Nimbus, ConsenSys, and LH). However, RP has no execution client teams or funding directed towards the Ethereum foundation.

This proposal would add the Protocol Guild as a recipient of some of the RP treasury funds. Rocket Pool benefits greatly from the development work by these core developers and protocol teams. By sponsoring the guild RP would fund, in part, 100 members that are responsible for the overall health and design of the ethereum network. We would be able to donate our native RPL token and have that contribution vest overtime to the recipients. This would be part of Rocket Pool’s contribution to public goods funding.

Possible mechanism of funding:
Three oDAO members (Prysm, Staked, and Blockdaemon) have not yet joined the oDAO after accepting an invitation. It was unclear to me if the three oDAO clients rocketpool-1,2 and 3 are surrogates for these missing members. One possible mechanism for funding this proposal is to direct their share of the oDAO reward to the pDAO with the stipulation that the funds go to supporting the Protocol Guild.

Further Reading (bold are hyperlinks):

Time Beiko’s write-up on the Guild.
Protocol Guild Website


Strong support and Tim is aware of the oDAO mechanism for funding. He seemed to be a big fan when we talked about it. P

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A proposal has been shared by


for the Lido DAO to fund the Protocol Guild Pilot - an initiative to directly fund Ethereum base protocol developers through a vested token contract.

We are talking to Trent about how this might work