Proposal to fund Bankless sponsorship(s)

I am in favor because I think Rocketpool needs proper marketing to increase our share of the liquid staking market, and I agree with others in that its a proper use of pDAO funds.

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I’m in support of both!

As a NO, am strongly in favor of this

I support the additional spending for the media blitz in September. There will be huge levels of FOMO around the merge and this will be the perfect time to capture ETH deposits.

Would just recommend a mix focusing on capturing ETH deposits but a good dose of come be a NO with us and improve the health of the network.

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There seems to be support for the Bankless media blitz here and in Discord. Also an opportunity to claim a spot in June has also come up, which Discord (#trading) is also a fan of.

So to summarise, potential max cost:
Show Sponsorship: US$234k for the quarter currently 11,938 RPL (@ 19.60 USD/RPL)
Media Blitz: US$50k for two weeks currently 2,551 RPL (@ 19.60 USD/RPL)
+1 extra month of show sponsorship: US$78k currently 3,973 RPL (@ 19.60 USD/RPL)

Max total: USD$362k currently 18,469 RPL (@ 19.60 USD/RPL)

Please provide feedback here to allow us to lock it in.

I have put together a marketing cashflow analysis to account for future marketing expenditure, please take a look and provide feedback.


I supported the Q3 sponsorship and I also support an extra month of sponsorship. If we go with Bankless, I think it makes sense to start as early as possible. If The Merge on the Ropsten testnet on June 8 goes well, everyone will run with the narrative of The Merge in August. I think it’s good to start building awareness of Rocket Pool and rETH around this time already.

I’m skeptical about the effectiveness of their media blitz.

We’d already be sponsoring the show, I don’t like how they shitpost on Twitter and how they promote their sponsors between their tweets. All their Discord users probably already watch their shows. Not sure about the reach on TikTok and the effectiveness of an P.S. mention in the newsletter. I think $50k would be spent better elsewhere but I have no better suggestions.

Alchemix media blitz this week

Their TikTok videos get 1000-3000 views: TikTok I can’t find the ad for Alchemix but their previous ad got 1889 views

Their 2x mentions on Discord is in the #twitter-stream channel only?

Newsletter mentioned them but it’s overshadowed by another sponsor:

However, if we go with the media blitz I will not hate it. It’s possible they’ll improve their media blitz offering by September.


I agree with Peteris 100%. Book the show, book the extra month (best time ever) but do not book the media blitz unless it’s getting more attractive.


@peteris thanks for your analysis regarding Bankless media blitz. That was my gut feeling and it’s interesting to see this confirmed with actual data. For me, there is a strong mismatch between a month long sponsorship at $78k and the media blitz at $50k.

Considering that we can get June as an additional sponsorship month, I also see very limited value in the media blitz. I’m also not a fan of their twitter shitposts (sometimes hard to distinguish if they are expressing their opinion or if it’s just an ad), I actually recently unfollowed David because of those.

But that’s just my opinion. I’m fine with any decision.


As a multi-minipool operator I am in support of the core proposal and the extra month. Based on discussion here and my own reactions to other Media Blitz campaigns I do not support this spend. I feel the media blitz may be off-brand for Rocket Pool. i.e. spammy

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Is there any update on this matter? Did we win with our bid? What have we finally agreed upon?

It’s sometimes a bit difficult to follow the discussion here and in parallel on discord. I enjoy reading the #trading channel, but it’s essentially a full-time job. Would be great, if results could also be posted here for future reference.


Based on the discord discussions it looks like we are moving forward with bankless advertising, starting in June. Bankless already has a script written.

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@langers said that we’ve got the June and Q3 spot in today’s Twitter space.


Can we put out a snapshot vote to make a clear Yes for this? (I’m in favor, but in lieu of the pDAO setup, we should still try to have a formal process…)

Rocket Pool first ad on Bankless

Starts at 11:08


I’m reposting my reply to “The Bankless ad is in need of a visual revamp” here for completeness.

I second @wasserbrunner 100% and would even propose to offer a grant for a person or group to revamp this ad as soon as possible. It’s better than nothing but we honestly can’t be satisfied with this result. Not if we spend $150k to target an audience of >50k viewers per week. The animations are horrible. There needs to be a comparison to other staking provides (and our decentralization advantages) that can be comprehended within seconds. Maybe a little table or something comparing centralizes exchanges, Lido, Rocketpool. We need to highlight the high number of nodes that are independendly operated by RP node operators.

The Bankless offer explicitly included the production of the ad but obviously didn’t mention the effort and resources that the Bankless team would spend on creating the ad. We also don’t have any information about the communication between Bankless and the Rocketpool team in the background. Has this been approved by Rocketpool?

I mean just look at the ad after our’s for across protocol. The divergence of the visuals couldn’t be more drastic. That’s elementary school vs. university. It clearly and concisely communicates their USP “faster, cheaper, more secure”.

Sorry for the rant, I’m also unable to offer any material support for ad production. But I very much appreciate @wasserbrunner stepping up and would support a pDAO grant for this (IMO up to 10% of the ad budget seems reasonable).

The good news is that sleety has remade the video (way better quality imo), and David will be recording a slightly edited message over it. He will put it out when he’s able to.

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For reference, the agreed package was Bankless Podcast Sponsorship for June, July, August, and September @ USD 78K per month.