Protocol Development - Q1 2024 Roadmap Update

This is a repost of a Discord announcement made back in January - I am reposting it here for ongoing visibility.

Original post: Discord

Hello everyone!

The start of 2024 has been quite eventful. As we eagerly anticipate the remainder of the year, we want to bring you up to speed on our roadmap progress.

For the latest information, check out @darcius’s comprehensive Medium article covering the Houston and Saturn Upgrades: Rocket Pool — Houston Upgrade. Hello Rocket Poolers :) Today is our… | by David Rugendyke | Rocket Pool | Medium

The Houston upgrade is currently under audit. Our fantastic audit teams, Consensys Diligence and Sigma Prime have been working hard to break Houston. Those audits are now wrapping up. For Houston, we decided to include an additional audit team to give us flexibility and to get fresh eyes on the Rocket Pool codebase. ChainSafe has joined the audit line-up and are almost midway through their audit. As usual, all audit reports will be made publicly available before launch.

In addition to audits, Houston is also being functionally tested (with the smartnode) on our private devnet. Once this process is complete and the audits are finalised, we will look to deploy Houston to the Holesky testnet so that everyone can give it a try!

RPIP-28 and RPIP-30
These RPIPs have been ratified by the pDAO for inclusion in the protocol. Kane has been working on the RPIP-30 changes so that they can be released in the next audit cycle. We would like to get Houston out the door and then we can lock in a release date.

  • RPIP-28 Deposit Under the Minimum - allows creating a new minipool even when under the minimum by supporting an atomic RPL stake and node deposit
  • RPIP-30 RPL Staking Rework - aligns RPL reward spend with rETH capacity created.

The Saturn upgrade is in the research and analysis phase. This is exciting because all options are on the table. A Rapid Research Incubation process has began (Rapid Research Incubation Begins!) to review the fantastic ideas submitted by the community. A big thank you to everyone that has submitted. The submissions are of a very high quality and we have no doubt that they will help inform the future of Rocket Pool.

Once the incubation process has concluded we can start refining the ideas ready for design and implementation. Saturn has a long way to go but we are leveraging the collective knowledge and passion from this amazing community.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2024.