RA022312 - ETH Denver Volunteer Amendment

In May 2023, the Grants/Bounties/Retrospective Awards committee approved RA022312 (ETH Denver Volunteers) for a total of $13,500. This award will be distributed equally among the members of the Rocket Pool community who volunteered for a shift during the ETH Denver event in March 2023. It is important to note that committee members had to exclude themselves from the reward in order to comply with RPIP-18 and ensure a fair and transparent decision-making process.

The GMC is seeking feedback from the community regarding whether or not they believe it would be appropriate for committee members to be included in the award. Your input and perspective on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes, include them
  • No, keep them excluded

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It is good that the GMC recused itself from receiving payment in approving the RA. Having said that, I hope that this heatcheck poll will show strong community support for GMC volunteers being able to claim their share of the RA. We’re already not paying members of the GMC, I don’t think we need to directly cost them money for their service. I think the precedent - GMC recuses itself from benefiting but allows the community to express otherwise afterwards - is a good one.


I think this was a good way to go ahead with this.

In theory it may seem like double dipping for committee members, but when taking all of the facts into consideration, this seems very fair and straightforward.

If anyone donates their time and resources to volunteer they are entitled to a fair share of the retrospective award.

Since the vote clearly favored including the GMC members in the award, our plan is to include the GMC members who volunteered once the retroactive payments can be made. Thank you all for your input.

What selection method will we use for sending payment to the volunteers? I suggest using the Eth Denver volunteers POAP recipients as the addresses who should get the payment. We can compare this with list of volunteers Maverick put together.

Sadly, this might miss people who volunteered in an unofficial capacity. Is there a way to find those people?

Yes, we can cross reference the list of POAP recipients and the ETH Denver volunteer list with Mav personally, and also ask Mav if we missed anyone. FWIW, I believe that the volunteers who signed up ahead of time should receive greater recognition compared to those who randomly volunteered out of the blue.

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That makes sense, and I support that.

I was a volunteer at ethdenver and do not remember receiving a POAP for doing so, although I am not as active on here and discord as some of the other volunteers probably are. Are there any other methods available for distribution?