Rescue Node Access Durations

Currently, the Rescue Node is limited to 4 access tokens per year (sliding window). Each token grants access for 15 days for a total of 60 days per year.

We’ve received feedback that it would be ‘nicer’ if we did 6 tokens at 10 days each, still for a total of 60 days.

Poll (choose one):

  • Leave access at 4 tokens per year, 15 days per token
  • Change access to 6 tokens per year, 10 days per token
  • Other; I will comment below
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On a similar topic, we’re planning to kick off work to allow Solo Validators access to the Rescue Node. I wanted some feedback on what the limits should be.

Poll (vote for as many as you find acceptable):

  • 4 tokens per year, 15 days per token (same as current RP nodes access)
  • 2 tokens per year, 15 days per token
  • 1 token per year, 15 days per token
  • 6 tokens per year, 10 days per token (possibly same as new RP nodes access)
  • 3 tokens per year, 10 days per token
  • 2 token per year, 10 days per token
  • 1 token per year, 10 days per token
  • Other; I will comment below
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4 times a year is significant already imo. Total duration does matter, but I see the 15 days as a generous max to capture particularly hard scenarios rather than something that gets fully used as the norm – in other words, I see 6x10 as nearly 50% more than 4x15.

For solos, I think it should be less on both metrics - we do want to encourage them to the orange side of life.

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For solos, I’d be in favor of something like 30 tokens x 30 hours each. Like free WiFi, has to be renewed each day. It’s a little annoying, but it shows a definite benefit of rocket pool and maximizes contacts, while not depriving the solo of any rewards if they are willing to put in 5 minutes per day. It is not a set it and leave on vacation solution.

Edit re: frequency for NOs

Needing more than 10 consecutive days (ie buy hardware/configure/sync) more than once a year seems unlikely. However, I can imagine times when NOs may want multiple short periods of protection (ie prune; switch execution client; decide new execution client isn’t great and switch again). We want to encourage these normal healthy staking things without people worrying if they will still be covered for emergencies for the year.
I think my optimal would be something like one 15-day, and ten 2-day sessions; still keeping well under the 60 days allowed currently. But if two timeframes not possible then 8x7.5 seems best.

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Solos should be much shorter, in my opinion. 48 hours or maybe even 24. For quick fixes.

4 times per year is already very high. If you need the rescue node that much, maybe you should reconsider being a validator!

So I’m strongly against 6 times. Even if it’s the same total duration, more tokens “encourages” bad validators.

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I’ve set solo quota to 3 per year at 10 days each, thanks for participating in the poll everyone.

I’ve left RP access unchanged at 4/15, but if people keep winding up in #support because they exhausted their quotas, it seems like a 5/12 compromise wouldn’t substantially ruffle anyone’s feathers, so I may unilaterally make that change in the future.