REth premium dexs

It’s funny a few months ago I as thinking reth demand would never clear the mini pool queue after the steth depeg. Besides obvious decentralization I missed one key which is that reth grows in principle not units which is massive for a USA tax situation. Now I want to get reth, how do you get it? It’s bots? I spun up a mini validator but still no reth came available. Especially now the maker reth is open I think rocket pool is primed. I used maker as a bridge to find my business in 2020
It was perfect

While a premium on secondary markets exists, any new space that is created is immediately taken by bots watching the deposit pool.

There is a tool created by @ramana that allows you to use the space yourself while creating a minipool to get rETH and capture the premium.

I would recommend hopping on to our discord for further explanation/questions.

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Cool tool but I use all nodes it seems to technical for me

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