Revamped RPIPs Portal

I’ve committed the revamped version of the RPIPs portal, which was accepted by the RPIP editors, and is now live @

I appreciate this isn’t the most directly impactful contribution to the success of Rocket Pool, but hopefully it makes the experience of being involved in Rocket Pool governance just a bit easier.

If you have any feedback, requests, or anything of that nature, feel free to leave here in this thread, or to DM me on discord. Apologies if I’ve broken anything.

Some screenshots below, and a list of changes.


Home / Landing Page

Proposed RPIPs

Active RPIPs

New RPIP Layout

Major Changes

  • ‘New’ ‘About’ page, just includes information that was previously on ‘Home’ page.
  • Landing (‘Home’) page now has RPIPs on it, alongside link to new ‘About’ page.
  • ‘Status’ given priority over ‘type’ in portal navigation.
    • New version of RPIP table that includes Type and Status in-line rather than as headings, used on ‘Home’ and ‘All RPIPs’
    • New ‘Proposed’ page, displays draft and final RPIPs that have not had a vote yet.
    • New ‘Active’ page, displays hybrid version of table, filtered to ‘Living’ status, and ‘Final’ status with Passed vote.
  • ‘RPIPs By Type’ page replicates previous type-primary navigation using new subnav menu.
  • RPIP layout changed
    • Sidebar added when sufficient horizontal width.
    • Table of contents moved to sidebar when sufficient horizontal width.
    • Preamble table moved to sidebar when sufficient horizontal width.

Minor Changes

  • Added RP branding (logo)
  • Cleaned up footer layout.
  • Added links to RPIP titles in tables.
  • Modified header css to more closely match github, which frankly, looked better.
  • Modified all tables to use slightly less vertical space.
  • Modified preamble table to make better use of horizontal space.
  • Ensured all preamble entries are present in preamble table.

Much better. Thanks.

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