Rewards Tree v8 revision 1

@fornax pointed out that RPIP-30 changes the withdrawal limit:

  • If the 2-step withdrawal process described above has not yet been implemented, partial steps SHALL be taken to reduce withdrawal limits
    • Within two weeks after X=3 rewards go out, set withdrawal limit to 100% of a node’s bonded ETH
    • Within two weeks after X=6 rewards go out, set withdrawal limit to 60% of a node’s bonded ETH

Since the 2-step withdrawal process is not done, this can only be effected by lowering node.per.minipool.stake.maximum. However, this variable is used in the treegen specification to calculate the bond maximum while computing old rewards during the phase-in, as presciently noted in the RPIP.

When originally implementing the v8 spec I missed this detail.

The specification will be updated:

There will be no vote, as the RPIP passed already, this change corrects an implementation oversight, and is essentially non-functional, since the smart contract value for the setting has always been 150%.

If, for some reason, you object to the unilateral modification of the spec, please reply here.


The PR to update smartnode is available here:

The oDAO will have to update to a release with this commit before the end of the first interval where the maximum is lowered to 100%