Rewards Trees v6

I’ve got some proposals I’d like to see work their way into rewards tree generation:

  1. The minipool performance file should no longer track performance for a minipool during the portion of an interval where its node was not opted in.

  2. oDAO rewards should be pro-rata based on the time they accept the invitation, not the time the node was registered.

  3. Exiting a minipool during an interval should not make it ineligible for rewards until the following interval (it will receive a pro-rata share of eth for the attestations it made while still active, and a pro-rata share of RPL for the time it was active).

I may have more, but I think these things all inch purely towards fairness and not away from it, so I wanted to put them on the table before I forgot.

I believe the only one of these that can be included without a community vote is item 1, since it doesn’t change the rewards, just the artifacts.

Items 2 and 3 require community votes, ergo, sentiment polls

  • oDAO Rewards should be pro-rated based on the time that they accept their invitation instead of the time they register their node.
  • Leave oDAO Rewards pro-ration as it is.

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  • Minipools that exit in an interval should still receive smoothing pool and rpl rewards for the time they were active
  • Leave minipools that exit during an interval as ineligible for rewards for that interval

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Change 1 pr:

Community sentiment is going to be “It doesn’t already work like that?”