Rocket Pool Notifications

Hey Rocket Poolers,

Notifi, a notification platform creator, has submitted a mockup demonstrating a potential custom platform for Rocket Pool.

Check out the full 13-page mockup here.

Here are some potential use cases for the platform:

  • Governance digest
  • Bi-weekly news
  • Smart Node updates
  • Snapshot votes
  • Management committee news
  • Additional updates and notifications as needed

Would you be interested in the GMC funding a custom notification solution for Rocket Pool?

  • Yes
  • No
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Depends on the final cost- how much are they requesting?


I’m a big believer of a single source of truth. For protocol broadcasts, that’s currently discord. We also use discord for support and community building, so onboarding folks there is valuable. (aka - there is value in getting ppl to join discord for the broadcasts)

Insofar as this has the same content, it’s redundant. Insofar as folks use it instead of discord, it damages the value from having folks active on discord.

I do like the look and the work to make the offering understandable

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Hey @Valdorff and Rocket Pool community - this is Jeevs from Notifi, just wanted to jump in and answer open questions.

I understand your concern about maintaining Discord as the single source of truth for protocol broadcasts. Discord indeed plays a crucial role in support and community building, and onboarding new members … and Notifi is actually designed to complement and enhance Discord, not replace it.

The beauty of Notifi is that we aggregate communication all destinations wherever your users are - Discord, TG, Slack, email or wallets … all through one portal that the Core Team can manage. The Core Team can still absolutely publish into Discord, including into a specific Discord Channel or DMs, ensuring that Discord remains a key source of truth.

One thing we’ve heard from your community is that while there are diehard Discord users, other really prefer other ways to engage … and that’s where Notifi gets really powerful by delivering important messages into Telegram groups, Slack groups, Wallets (Coinbase is live, with MetaMask in progress), and email. Everyone stays informed and engaged regardless of their preferred platform.

Beyond announcements, Notifi also covers other critical alert types such as reward reminders and yield monitoring—topics that the community cares about deeply. Any activity onchain can be automated into a programatic alert.

By integrating Notifi, Rocket Pool can enhance its communication strategy without compromising the value of having a vibrant and active Discord community. We believe this approach will ultimately strengthen engagement and keep everyone better informed as well as coming back to Discord! We’re here to help everyone in the community stay more involved, and we’ve done this successfully with our partners such as GMX, Injective Foundation, Synthetix, Vertex, Benqi, etc.

Thanks for considering this perspective!

Citation? Where have our community been communicating with y’all previously?

Yeah, I’m explicitly saying that this is bad. It’s beneficial to push users onto the discord instead of supporting fracturing.