Rocket Pool oDAO v1.7.2 upgrade analysis

Prepared by superphiz, 2023-01-11

I’m happy to report that all of the Rocket Pool Oracle DAO node operators have successfully updated their Rocket Pool stack to version v1.7.2 based on self-report. This update was necessary to prepare for Merkle tree ruleset 3 which will be applied during the January 18 rewards calculation.

The oDAO survey work was completed by superphiz from EthStaker, Yorick from Cryptomanufaktur, Butta from, Anthony Sassano from The Daily Gwei, and we were joined by a new friend, beetrootkid from Consensys.

We identified and contacted oDAO node operators representing each of the fifteen oDAO nodes, a total of twelve operators (because Rocket Pool operates four nodes). Now that we have good contacts and lines of communication, this kind of work should be much easier in the future and we will continue to develop these channels. Our survey showed that every operator has upgraded to smartnode version v1.7.2.

Oracle DAO members were encouraged to run a test Merkle tree generation for the fifth reward period, and 10 out of 12 operators provided data for this generation (with the other two indicating that they had completed it). Timing for the completion of this task was highly variable, and some teams are now examining ways to speed up this generation.

It’s worth pointing out that the oDAO didn’t begin with any organizational structure; some of us have recognized the need to self-organize to ensure we serve our function in a robust manner. While we don’t want to organize in a heavy-handed way, we are eager to serve the Rocket Pool community to achieve our shared goals.

Grey Wizard (Sam from POAP) developed a public dashboard of on-chain oDAO activity that you can check out here: