RocketLend Interest

Currently the GMC is deliberating on the Rocketlend application submitted by ramana.

They are seeking assistance in gauging the community’s level of interest in using the platform.

How It Works

Rocketlend consists of a single smart contract (“the (Rocketlend) contract”), used for all interaction with the protocol and designed to be the primary and RPL withdrawal address for Rocket Pool nodes that borrow RPL from the protocol.

The protocol participants come in two types: “lenders”, who supply RPL to the protocol, and “borrowers” who borrow RPL from the protocol to stake on Rocket Pool nodes.

A lender is assigned a unique identifier when they register with Rocketlend. They provide a withdrawal address (to which funds from the protocol will be sent), which can be changed.

A borrower is identified by the Rocket Pool node they are borrowing for. They also have a withdrawal address, which can be changed, to which their funds are ultimately sent.

Read more about how Rocketlend works including lending pools, borrower actions, lender actions, and the API here.

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Would you use RocketLend?

  • Yes, both before and after RPL staking is no longer a requirement (Saturn)
  • Yes, but only before RPL staking is no longer a requirement (Saturn)
  • No
  • Unsure
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If you answered “Yes”, what would you use it for?

  • Borrowing
  • Lending
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If you answered “Borrowing”, which applies more to you?

  • Top up for rewards
  • Stake for a new minipool
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If you answered “No” or “Unsure,” what features or components would you like to see that could change your opinion about the platform? Please comment below.

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