RocketPool interest rate swaps with Voltz

Hi @langers

(I posted this in Discord and while I got some emojis from the community I didn’t get many replies. Someone suggested that I might be better posting here.)

Over at Voltz ( - just launched on mainnet this month) we offer capital efficient interest rate swaps (variable → fixed or vice versa) on top of Compound and Aave, and would now like to integrate with the variable income stream that Rocket Pool pays out. This will allow users to fix their staking income stream, or to speculate on that income stream going up or down, or in the near future to arbitrage Rocket Pool’s rates against other ETH staking protocols. In TradFi, interest rate swaps are a really important primitive that server as the foundation of many other products, and we think the same will be true for DeFi. Over time we think it can also drive interest (pun intented) in RocketPool and help people build interesting stuff on top of RocketPool.

We don’t need much input or help from RocketPool to make this a reality, but it would be great if someone technical on the RocketPool team was happy to review the small amount of smart contract code we have already written to derive RocketPool interest rates on-chain. Hopefully just a half hour discussion about the code and the smart contract interface we’re using.

Is there anyone who can help us out with that? Ideally in the next week if possible, but if that timeline doesn’t work on your end it would be good to know what would be possible.

Thanks in advance!

CR from Voltz

Post a link to the code