RocketPool Staking Dashboard by DappLooker

Dear Rocketpool community,

We at DappLooker are thrilled to announce the launch of DappLooker dashboard for Rocketpool community. We are a no-code web3 analytics and visualization platform. We provide analytics on 120+ million user data, 10+ networks and have established partnerships with 200+ several prominent projects in the web3 ecosyste .

As a decentralized Ethereum staking pool, Rocketpool has become a crucial player in the Ethereum ecosystem. We are excited to support its continued growth by providing essential insights into its performance.

Our comprehensive dashboard tool is designed to enable users to analyze key metrics, and trends and gain insights into the performance and growth of the Rocketpool network. We believe this tool will be of immense value to the Rocketpool community as it provides critical information for decision-making.

The following are some of the metrics that our dashboard provides insights into:

  • Staked ETH: This metric shows the total amount of ETH currently being staked in Rocketpool.

  • Node Operators: This metric shows the number of node operators participating in Rocketpool.

  • Unique Users: This metric shows the total number of unique users using Rocketpool.

  • Total Minipools: This metric shows the total number of mini pools active on the Rocketpool network.

  • Total Stakers: This metric shows the total number of stakers currently participating in Rocketpool.

  • Oracle node operators: This metric shows the total number of oracle node operators currently participating in Rocketpool.

  • Monthly ETH Staking Volume: This metric shows the total amount of ETH that has been staked in Rocketpool over the last month.

  • Staked ETH Growth: This metric shows the percentage increase or decrease in the total amount of ETH being staked in Rocketpool over a given period.

With these metrics, users can analyze the performance of Rocketpool and make informed decisions about their participation in the network. We believe that our analytics and visualization platform will be instrumental in helping the Rocketpool community to better understand the performance and growth of the network.

We encourage everyone to check out our dashboard here:
RocketPool Staking Dashboard:

This Dashboard powered by Studio subgraphs : Rocket Pool Mainnet Subgraph

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on improving the platform to serve the Rocketpool community better.