RPIP-61: Balance Submission Guardrail

This is the official discussion thread for Draft RPIP: Balance Submission Guardrail. Some prior discussion has taken place on Discord. This RPIP is targeted at the next smart contract upgrade (Saturn 1).

This idea originally came from my oDAO research that the GMC funded last year and wasn’t picked up for Houston. The goal is to limit oDAO power to an appropriate level and massively reduce the trust assumption for rETH holders.

I’d love to get useful feedback. No sentiment poll for now to allow for pDAO input first.


Makes sense to me. A relevant protection with very little tradeoff

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The one big downside here is having to admit knoshua did something useful.

This looks pretty good.
I like the dependency on pDAO (giving it ability to limit the rETH change parameter).

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I’ll repeat here what I said in the other guardrail proposal - With the combination of forced exits and delegate upgrades likely coming with Saturn, along with the existing penalty system - this guardrail is frankly a critical peice to keeping the trust assumptions placed in the ODAO contstrained. I heartily support this proposal and would like to see it in Saturn along with everything else.

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Sentiment poll:

RPIP: Balance Submission Guardrail
  • Support moving to vote; this is great
  • Support moving to vote; this is good enough
  • Abstain
  • Oppose
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What is the rETH rate? It is rETH price, right? This term appears exactly once in a RPIP repo - in this draft.

rETH rate refers to the exchange rate of rETH. I’m open to changing the term to match existing RPIPs for consistency. Do you have such examples or is this mostly about there not being RPIPs about how the protocol works today?

I’m not that familiar with RPIPs to propose anything. Just pointing out that having clearly defined terms (maybe in footnotes, or as links, or otherwise) might improve comprehensibility of RPIPs for folks like me, so we don’t have to guess. I know it’s easier to say than do it, so let’s at least add a hint for ‘rETH rate’.

Yeah, having this might be great as well, but that’s another story.

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This is a good protection. Thank you for drafting.