Snapshot strategy update/fix

Hi everyone,

The snapshot strategy was fixed to use the latest Atlas contract.

We did have a few votes after Atlas release that used the older strategy: Expanding IMC charter (RPIP-20), pDAO Charter (RPIP-23), and Inflation & pDAO Budget Allocation (RPIP-25 & RPIP-10). These were all landslide votes, with the lowest clocking in at 99.11% so (thankfully) the detailed voting weight was not impactful.

The only difference between v1 and v2 of snapshot strategy is the address of RocketNodeStaking; v1 has pre-Redstone contract, v2 has Atlas contract

  • Note that Redstone didn’t have any changes to getNodeEffectiveRPLStake, which is why no update was needed until Atlas
  • Atlas contracts differentiate between matched and provided ETH because we have LEB8. It seems like the old version also didn’t check if RPL staked was above the minimum, so people below 10% would still have effective staked/voting power and the Atlas version addressed that.

For those who are interested in the code:

Shoutout to @Valdorff for noticing the issue and bringing it to our attention and to @peteris for figuring out the root cause.