Solutions to Guard Against MEV Theft [Research Paper]

@ken has completed a draft of a research report on Forced Exits. This paper was approved funding by the GMC during round 1. (Link to Application) (Link to Award Results)

The 34-page discusses Ethereum staking concepts and strategies to combat MEV theft. It covers staking rewards, MEV, and methods to detect and prevent MEV theft, including off-chain and on-chain solutions such as forced exits.

A draft copy for review and comment can be found here.

I think its timing will be quite useful with the tokenomic design under current consideration and the early planning efforts for Megapools and Saturn design objectives.
- Ken

I’m sharing it here to enhance visibility and to encourage any questions, critiques, or comments on the paper.


My takeaway from this paper is that all MEV theft prevention solutions have a fatal flaw that make them not fix the problem except for the reduced / negative commission rate solution. Every other solution might add a roadblock to MEV theft, but the roadblock can be circumvented.

If Ethereum is able to enshrine burning MEV, that would also potentially fix this.

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Hi @ken – have you considered how context has changed since this was commissioned, and thus value to RP? In particular:

What I believe survives is:

  • A general overview
  • Section 4.1.1 perhaps… but frankly this sounds like a totally different protocol (Diva) more than RP
  • Section 4.1.2 has potential - though it would require some pretty RP-specific work from relays to make this concrete imo

While these things are nice, I think this is dramatically less valuable than it would have been back in 1/2023 when the GMC agreed to pay $15k for it. Wdyt?