Staking ETH with RP Outreach & Organization

In regards to reaching out to organizations on staking their ETH with Rocket Pool:

I use to do an annual fundraiser. It was important for the big donors/sponsors that we documented our efforts so we didn’t hit them up with multiple people in an uncoordinated way (that happened once and it turned them off big time). If we go after large DAOs and such, attempting to attract their ETH, we might want to have a record so people know who the contact is and that we have reached out to them, as well as, the current status of the effort.

This doesn’t necessarily apply at every level, even perhaps at the level of, for example, nounsDAO and at least from my perspective this is not an attempt to gatekeep who can ask whom for ETH deposits to the protocol, however, we don’t want to look like second rate amateurs to somewhere like Gnosis.

I would propose that we document our Staking ETH with Rocket Pool Outreach & Organization (SEWRPOO) efforts. I have attached a spreadsheet as an example, although, someone might have a better idea. It might also be the case that this interferes with things the team is doing behind the scenes, in which case we can coordinate efforts or scrap this.


If we go this route, we would need to decide if anyone can update the records or if we want a coordinator to do that. I am hesitant about choosing someone to coordinate, since it feels too bureaucratic for Rocket Pool, but maybe it is necessary so we don’t get trolls filling in inaccurate information.


great work, important to keep this organized.

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