Thanks to knoshua

@knoshua, I have lost count of the number of times I was impressed by your insights. You are one of the persons that make this community so special, and I’m having a hard time picturing it without you.

Thank you again for your thoughts, dedication, but also for being funny as hell. In your honor, I’m retiring my use of the :kekwemote:, until you return.

All the best,


Just adding to the comments here to say I appreciate all the thought and contributions @knoshua gave to the protocol - they have been incredibly valuable in improving the protocol and trying to push it in a healthy direction. Enjoy the freedom that is escaping #trading.


RP friends from way way back, I’ll miss you around here if you’re really gone. My suggestion is to come back under a different handle. Maybe gnoshwa? Take over where you left off, but insist that you are not the same person.


Wanted to add to the sentiment that you will be surely missed in the RP discord @knoshua . RP has succeeded due to its passionate community, which you’ve been a major part of. I felt like you were able to put into words how I was thinking and feeling about most topics, and I always enjoyed your perspective, passion, and insights. It’s been proactive community members like you who have driven the protocol to be the great decentralized staking solution we all dream of.


You @knoshua have contributed a lot to Rocket Pool. Thank you.


It’s important to have a loyal opposition within a movement, otherwise group-think prevails. I appreciate @knoshua’s ability to think and argue against the grain and often against easy solutions; his contributions helped build a better project.

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Hey @knoshua, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all that you have done for RP and hope to see you back soon so we can fight that good fight together.
Life needs some salt and pepper.

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@knoshua its hard being abrasive (Ask me how I know…haha). i wanted to thank you for everything you have done for RP and hope you can find your way back here one day.

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