The Bankless ad is in need of a visual revamp

I saw the ad on Bankless today. We, as a dao, are spending a hefty amount to get this ad in front of people. It’s am imbalance to spend $150k to place an ad, and (seemingly) $0 on production (no offense to whoever put that animation together). How can I go about pitching myself to improve the ad itself? I am an experienced marketer (10 yrs) specifically in end-to-end video/commercial production. Using Davids voice is nice (as a trusted voice), but the visuals are amateur at best (embarrassing at worst). We should take the production of the ad seriously, considering we are spending a serious amount to place it.

Once again, I do not mean to insult whoever put the animation together, I’m sure they do other things very well. But this is not a time to say “oh yeah that’s great!” when it’s not. This is important.

Here’s the ad for those who have not seen: Kanye West NFTs | Optimism OP Airdrop | OpenSea Arrest | Solana Halted | ETH 2.0 Merge | Velodrome - YouTube

Whether it’s me who makes it, or someone else, is not important. But I am capable.

Here are a few random portfolio pieces of my work:

had to use drive because I’m not allowed to post more than 2 links.

I know those are totally random, but all production, graphics, editing was done by me in those videos. I also have a good understanding of ETH, the Merge, and Rocketpool’s value prop. Though, I have no issue with the writing or voicing of the current ad. Just the visuals (well, and maybe the music).

Like I said though, I’m one of many people who could do a great job. I just want someone to do it!


I second this 100% and would even propose to offer a grant for a person or group to revamp this ad as soon as possible. It’s better than nothing but we honestly can’t be satisfied with this result. Not if we spend $150k to target an audience of >50k viewers per week. The animations are horrible. There needs to be a comparison to other staking provides (and our decentralization advantages) that can be comprehended within seconds. Maybe a little table or something comparing centralizes exchanges, Lido, Rocketpool. We need to highlight the high number of nodes that are independendly operated by RP node operators.

The Bankless offer explicitly included the production of the ad but obviously didn’t mention the effort and resources that the Bankless team would spend on creating the ad. We also don’t have any information about the communication between Bankless and the Rocketpool team in the background. Has this been approved by Rocketpool?

I mean just look at the ad after our’s for across protocol. The divergence of the visuals couldn’t be more drastic. That’s elementary school vs. university. It clearly and concisely communicates their USP “faster, cheaper, more secure”.

Sorry for the rant, I’m also unable to offer any material support for ad production. But I very much appreciate @wasserbrunner stepping up and would support a pDAO grant for this (IMO up to 10% of the ad budget seems reasonable).

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Hey @wasserbrunner! I agree 100% that the ad needs work.

I already had contact with David Hoffman and provided a slightly different script (which was actually already really good). Sleety is making a new video/animation for it already and will hopefully finish this somewhere next week. This was discussed in the discord server yesterday.

Send me a message or ping me on Discord if you want to be involved! There was some funds raised by the community but Sleety turned these down (though I think it’s fair it might end up being retroactively funded by someone/something :man_shrugging:)

Just wanted to check back if there has been any progress on the ad revamp? In their weekly roll-up published today still the old version of the ad has been used.

1/3 of June has already passed. If I recall correctly, we paid US$78k for placing advertisements in the month of June. So that’s basically US$26k gone for good…

Almost done, we try to have it ready by Sunday.


Hey all, thank you for the progress on this.

The core team agree that the visuals need work. Happy that Sleety has picked that up. We were going to hold a competition but the team will retroactively fund Sleety for their work.

We are happy to fund Sleety USD$2K once the community is happy with the new visuals.


Can’t wait to see it. IMHO, it was more than the visuals that needed work.