Translation of Rocketpool Guides into Spanish

Translate RP guides into Spanish

Why is this important for RP?
This will allow us to reach a broader audience that may face a language barrier when wanting to setup a RP node.

Full Description
I am a native fluent Spanish speaker and have lived in the US for 26+ years. I have an electrical engineering degree so technical documentation is not anything new. In my previous jobs, I was responsible for handling interactions with Latin American clients which meant having to read through all of their spec and data sheets which were in Spanish. I believe this would be a good opportunity to make the RP guides available to a Spanish speaking audience.

Estimated cost (approx 200 RPL)
Rates online vary at cent per word cost. I would be happy to discuss with the team an appropriate amount but due to the length and technical nature of the document I believe $0.11 per word is a good starting point. From a quick word count, the document is approximately 50,000 words but I am sure that included code snippets which wouldn’t require translation. I would be more than happy to talk to the team more about this opportunity and get their feedback.

Thank you for opening the bounty/grant program in the first place!



Spanish native also here. I can sum efforts revising and translating RP docs, too. I have translated technical documentation for JuiceboxDAO and media content for BanklessDAO for a almost a year now.

I’m not a coder, but I know some Js, phyton and currently learning solidity. I like to examine and comment on open source code of dapps and apps I use.

I was getting paid 0.10$ per word translated and 0.05$ per word revised.

I believe @errrks and I can do this job professionally and support RocketPool growth to reach latam and spain (which accounts for 500 million people, btw). I’ll be writing guides and explanatory content of RocketPool on the BanklessDAO Newsletter hoping more people without 32 ETH get into RP as a safe bet to earn yield on their hodlings. To The Merge we go!