Trust wallet - rocket pool tokens not showing up

I had to reinstall my trust wallet and now the rocket pool tokens I purchased in 2021 are not showing up. Have tried selecting all the rocket pool options on trust wallet but none of them are displaying my tokens. Does anyone have any suggestions on best way to have the rocket pool tokens displayed again in the wallet? Thanks.

@jcfla7 It’s a scammer, don’t email him

In Trust wallet on the Home screen click the icon in the top right, this will take you to the ‘Manage crypto’ screen. From there click the + icon on the top right to add a custom asset.

Under the address field, paste the Rocket Pool v1 token contract address:

and save it, the other details should autocomplete.

Be aware that exchanges etc are dealing with an upgraded version of the token so if you want to send them somewhere you will need to migrate to the newer version first, you can do so here:

If you need the v2 contract instead, it is listed here: